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A Comprehensive Eye Exam is the key to great vision and good health!

"The office staff is great, his assistant is great, and he is very thorough and takes his time to answer all my questions. No pressure to buy anything, but it's all there if you need it. All doctors should come here and they might learn a little about making the patient feel comfortable."   Scott B

When is good light bad?

When you don't have anything to protect your vision - Light is wonderful. Besides allowing us to see it makes us feel better and is an essential need as well as key to growing plants! But it's not entirely good. Light contains harmful UV & Blue Light waves which will seriously damage our eyes when we are outside. We aren't entirely safe inside either. LED lights, our smartphone, computer, and TV screens emit damaging Blue Light.

You need to protect your eyes from damage and discomfort. To achieve this we recommend Transition lenses from Essilor, the lens gradually darkens to protect your eyes and help you see with comfort. There are a variety of different versions depending on your specific needs - drop by and ask us to tell you more about them.

Looking for a way to see better but not spend all your money at once? 

If you want longer to pay for your glasses and would like to spread your investment in your vision over 18 months be sure to ask us about CareCredit. We offer a full 18 months of interest free payments at no additional cost through our partnership with them. This is a great way to get the improved vision you deserve right now!


Sunglasses? The answer to that is a resounding YES! but, in most cases, you don't just want regular sunglasses.


Sunglasses protect you from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) light,  let you see better, and with more comfort. Polarized sunglasses give you the added advantage of reducing glare. This adds a level of safety that doesn't exist with regular sunglasses.


I'm sure you have experienced those times when you have been almost blinded, to the point that objects, cars and even people, become invisible. Polarized sunglasses prevent this.


This image illustrates how much clearer and sharper everything is with polarized lenses. They are available from us in a range of styles for prescription and non-prescription wearers.


Are you at risk?  Blue Light (also called hi-energy light) is part of the color spectrum. It's emitted by the sun so we have always been exposed to it.  The problem is that our exposure has increased to harmful levels now that we use more devices and lighting that emits Blue Light - think computers, smart phones, TV's and CFL & LED light bulbs.  Blue Light has been linked to sleep disorders and damage that makes our eyes more prone to the onset of macular degeneration; the leading cause of blindness.


We have a non-invasive short test (Mpod) which accurately measures the thickness of the macular lutea. A healthy macular is essential to good eye health. If caught early enough excess thinning of the macular can be successfully treated.


You can protect your eyesight from Blue Light with lens treatments or lenses which have built in Blue Light screening.


The Importance of Measurement and FitA thorough eye exam is only one part of the equation. The type of lens, frame, and most critically, accurate measurements and fit of your glasses play a part in how well you see. Our objective is for you to be able to see as well as possible and part of our process is to take accurate measurements. We were one of the first optometry offices in Columbia to install the Visioffice digital measuring device. We have just updated this technology to the Visioffice2 - providing us with even more accurate measurements of the frame and how it fits on you. These measurements are used when making your unique lenses ensuring that you see as well as possible.


"As always, outstanding service! I'm always amazed at the time that Dr. Kramer takes to explain every aspect of my exam. His staff is so knowledgable and helpful!" Mitchell M