Golf vision

If you wear glasses and play golf you might be wondering if they play any part in how good (or bad!) your game is.  The answer is that they could...



Standard progressive lenses are designed for everyday use and not designed to focus on the three focal zones used when you play golf.  These three focal zones are your scorecard in your hand, the golf ball at your feet and the green in the distance. There is also a fourth, your peripheral vision, and I'll come back to that in a minute.


We recommend and prescribe speciality golf lenses from Shamir and Essilor.


The good news is that lenses optomized specifically for golf allow you to see all of these focal zones sharply and comfortably. Your peripheral vision is also crucial as you need to be able to see out of the sides of your lenses to were the ball is going as well as look at the ball at your feet to line up your shot. These speciality lenses are designed for wraparound frames too so you don't have to sacrifice this all important peripheral vision.




Many golfers don't wear sunglasses while playing unless they have to correct their vision because of issues seeing the ball and depth perception. The good news, especially for prescription wearers, is that there IS a sunglass that actually enhances your vison on the golf course - talk about an unfair advantage! Peakvision have sunglasses with an incredible graduated tint that give any golfer this advantage whether they need corrective vision or not.




Billy Andrade - PGA Tour Professional:

"On the 2004 PGA Tour, I ranked 71st in putting. In 2005 I began wearing PEAKS and I finished ranked among the Top Ten Best Putters on Tour. PeakVision Sports Sunglasses have been a lifesaver to me!"

Moira Dunn - LPGA Tour Professional:

"PEAKS are golf equipment for my eyes. They have become such a necessary part of my game that now, I can't imagine showing up for a round of golf without my PEAKS."