A fully comprehensive eye examination will take about an hour and consists of a series of tests to evaluate your vision and eye health. Regular eye exams help detect eye problems at their earliest stage when they are most treatable. Medical history is an important part of the exam so it's really helpful to know or bring a list of any medications you are currently taking with you. Visual acuity - we are all familiar with looking at a chart of different letters - is only one element of a vision exam.  Tests for color blindness, glaucoma and that the eyes are working together are also part of a comprehensive exam. During the exam Dr. Kramer will also inspect your eyes to determine their health.


Dr. Kramer is also able to scan the back of your eye with the optomap Digital Imaging system going beyond the visual inspection which is part of the exam.  optomap is not covered by most vision insurance but the small addition cost is worth the extra information the scan provides. This exam is non-invasive and done with a scanning laser opthalmoscope that captures an image of vitually the entire retina. Early detection of any retinal abnormality may lead to earlier and safer treatments and in many cases prevents vision loss.


The thickness of your macular lutea can be measured with the Mpod test. This measurement is achieved in another non-invasive screening using our Densitometer. The thickness and health of the macular is hugely important to your vision. Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness. Premature thinning of the macular can be reversed if caught early enough.


Retinal Detachment seen with optomap
optomap Retinal Exam Info Sheet
More information on the retinal image scanner Dr. Kramer uses and the advantages of this non-invasive examination.
Dr. Kramers optomap Info Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [482.4 KB]

After fitting the frames correctly to your face we take precise measurements of your eyes and the frame using the latest 3D computerized measuring system (Visioffice).


This ensures that the lenses are placed in exactly the right place in your frames to optimize your vision correction. Precision designed modern lenses require accurate measurements which cannot be obtained using manual measuring methods.


We have just taken delivery of the newest version of the Visioffice which allows us to get even more accurate measurements to ensure that what we prescribe fits you like it should and improves your vision.



How do you use your eyes? Do you spend hours on a computer, read, do needle point, fish, golf, bike or run etc.? We ask a lot of questions so we can offer solutions to help you SEE BETTER!


Which lenses should you choose for your vision and your viewing habits? There are thousands, if not millions of lenses, on the market and they are not all equal. We don't sell lenses which are designed or manufactured poorly. You want to see better and our objective is to find the best solution to make that happen. Sometimes there is a big price difference between the lenses which will work best for you; we explain how the differences will affect you. We believe that in order for you to make an informed decision you have to have all the information. It's our pleasure to provide that.


Which frames look best on you? Each customer has individual requirements; you can count on us to provide competent, personalized and detailed advice. We present you with the best vision solution, personalized to your specific needs and explain the benefits. If you have vision insurance we help ensure that you are using this the best way.  



Did you know that not all spectacle lenses are made to the same exacting standards?  Infact there are no mandatory standards which means you may not actually be getting the prescription you need! Not only that but incredibly accurate measurements are needed on where the frames fit on your face and where your pupils are in order to be able to see clearly when you are wearing your new glasses.


Our labs are chosen for their expertise in prescription lens making, providing you with lenses which precisely match you prescription. Upon receipt from the lab your lenses go through a multi-point audit by out technicians. We go beyond just checking that the new lenses match your prescription to ensure our quality standards are met. This, together with frame adjustment when you pick up your new glasses, guarantees that you can see well. After all it's no use looking great if you can't see!


Over the past few years there have been major advances in lens technology and the equipment used to put your prescription into the lens material. For this reason we do not create lenses on site but instead use two specialty optical labs staffed with the technicians and high cost, state-of-the-art machines to fabricate your unique lenses.  Located in Missouri our primary optical lab provides us with your precision hi-tech lenses in a few days - it's worth the wait!

Our assistance doesn't end with your vision solution; whether you select glasses or contacts we provide ongoing support. Your glasses don't sit properly on your face any more? The arm (temple) on your frames is broken or twisted? Our friendly team is always here to handle small adjustments, repairs or cleaning for you. We want to keep you seeing well!