Whatever your style we have it!


The primary function of the frame is to hold the lenses in the correct position in front of the eyes and fit comfortably on your nose and ears. It needs to be able to yield to adjustments but not bend so easily that it goes out of adjustment with normal use. In reality, the look is as important to most of us as the function. Unfortunately, there are frame manufacturers who actually make frames which cannot be correctly adjusted and are made with inferior materials. We do not sell such frames since they are not able to function correctly and allow you to see better.



SecondLOOK - You may have heard about the frames we stock and the concept of having more than one look to go with different social settings. This is a fun way to actually use your back-up glasses rather than just have them sitting in a drawer. 


That red purse doesn't really work with your purple dress, dress shoes don't work well on the golf course and don't "fit" your casual wardrobe well either - it's pretty much the same with eyeglasses and frames too. Instead of leaving your spare pair (you do have a spare don't you?) - in a drawer, and never using them unless you damage your primary glasses - create another look with a different style of frame. Rather than have a spare pair of glasses that don't have your most up-to-date prescription in them invest in some which do.  A spare pair really is no good at all if you can't see as well as you can with your primary glasses or contacts! Find a frame that's a little different to your primary pair and plan on wearing them too. We call this  "Second

LOOK" - ask us how we can help you save money on your second pair and have some fun with a different look!