The Importance of Correct Fit & Accurate Measurements

How well you see isn't just about getting a good eye exam. Modern lenses are a vast improvement over those produced just a few years ago.  The improved accuracy in design and manufacture means you see incredibly well BUT very accurate measurements are required. 


The frame needs to be the correct size and fit perfectly on your nose so your eye is positioned in the right place for you to see well. If you are looking through your lenses too high, two low, from too far away, too close, at an angle, or at one side of the optical center, you won't be able to see well!


The good news is that our skilled technicians know how to fit your glasses correctly and how and what to measure. The even better news is that this service is included at no additional charge when you purchase your glasses from us.!


Our technicians are assisted by the latest in high-tech computer aided measuring devices: Visioffice2. The short video below shows how this works. The bottom line is that taking measurements with tape and ruler won't cut it. It's just not accurate enough.


Measurements taken with the Visioffice are painless and mean that the glasses you get from us fit and allow you to see clearly.