As you age your eyes change and you will need vision correction to see well. Around the age of 40 you will notice that it’s harder to focus on objects that are close to you. This condition is called presbyopia and results in many people shopping for reading glasses. Another option that many people don’t even consider are contact lenses. Not having to wear glasses but having excellent near and distant vision is very appealing.


Modern multifocal contact lenses are a viable option for many people wishing to have the best of both worlds; no glasses but excellent near and distance vision.


Multifocal contact lenses can have a bifocal or multifocal design. Both allow you to see up close and at a distance. Bifocals have two distinct corrective lens powers – one for close-up and one for distance vision. Multifocal contacts have a design similar to progressive eyeglass lenses, with a gradual change in less power for a natural transition from close-up to distance vision and visa-versa.


Both contact designs come in soft and rigid (gas permeable, GP) lens materials and daily wear or extended wear options. Soft contact lenses can be comfortably worn on a part-time basis, great for weekends or other occasions if you prefer not to wear them every day.


One-day disposable contact lenses offer the ultimate no hassle convenience with no cleaning required; just throw them away at the end of the day.


In some cases, rigid gas permeable (GP or RGP) will be a better option for you. Dr. Kramer would advise you on the best option to achieve sharp, clear, vision.


Hybrid multifocal contacts are an exciting new development. These lenses have a rigid (GP) center with a soft periphery making adaptation easier.


The last few years has seen huge advances in lens material and design technologies. This is worth keeping in mind if you have tried contact lenses in the past and had issues. Dr. Kramer will be able to determine the best options available for your unique needs.

Today there are many different types of contact lenses available to fit nearly every individual need and lifestyle.


If you have tried contacts before and they didn't work out for you, there is a very high possiblity that the new designs and technology will work for you. 


We want to ensure that you have the right lenses and know your options: We'll provide you with detailed advice and fit right here in our office using the latest technology. 



Vision insurance will often cover the cost of your contacts.  


There are often manufacturer discounts/rebates available and it is almost always cheaper to purchase a years supply - we will work with you and find you the best deal.



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