No matter what frames you choose, your visual and wearing comfort ultimately depends on selecting the right type of lenses. All lenses are not the same and to be honest the choice can be overwhelming. We'll show you what factors are critical and what you need to look out for when choosing your lenses.  


In reality lenses and the material they are made from is, after an eye exam, is the most critical element in how well you are able to see. 





Light reflected of the surface of your lens results in a loss of brightness and decreased visual comfort due to disturbing reflections and blurred areas.

Non-glare lenses are treated with an extremely thin layer of coating that, depending on the degree, allows up to 99 percent of the light to pass through. It is recommended for sharp and optimal vision.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Nearly the same visual comfort as not wearing any glasses
  • Greatly improves night time vision when driving
  • Reduces irritating reflections from light sources, computer screens, etc
  • Natural and color-true vision 
  • Unobtrusive lenses - people can see your eyes better
  • Choice between normal and super non-glare coating - making them easier to clean and more scratch resistant


There are also special coatings which block harmful "Blue Light" which has been linked to early onset of macular degeneration and sleep disorders. Blue Light occurs naturally and is part of the color spectrum but our exposure has increased significantly due to modern computer screens, TV screens, LED and CFL light sources.



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